Decorating with light

Christmas is hard work….. there’s always a lot to do…..

….but when it’s done, its a magical time…..

Decorating the house with light and colour, the kitchen filled with tantalising aromas, interesting packages to give and receive in return. But sometimes the gifts aren’t the ones you’re expecting. I’ve received three gifts this week which have given me a lot of pleasure…. one was the go ahead for a very interesting commission, one which I shall enjoy doing in the new year, one was the totally unexpected but very welcome gift of sweet biscuits from a previous buyer of my artwork from a land across the seas, and one was a delightfully long letter from the 72 year old chap who I drew the other week who wanted me to know how much he had enjoyed the experience, and since he writes a column in a local paper wanted to know if I’d be happy with him writing about the experience of my drawing him, and yes I’m very happy at that thought….

So…. lovely gifts already. Of art, and the kind words and deeds that have come back in return………..

So I’ll take this opportunity to say – may the seasons spirit bring you love, joy, inspiration and prosperity. Happy Christmas!

I've been an artist all of my life, and my paintings now hang on walls in Europe, USA and Canada. I'm working on getting them on the other continents! My wide range of artwork has been exhibited nearer to home in the East Midlands, with the Guild of Erotic Artists at Beaumont Hall Studios in Hertfordshire, and at "Erotica", Olympia, London. I have also been featured alongside my work in the Guild of Erotic Artists book (volume 2). I love to create dramatic interest in my pictures, whether it’s to paint an unusual landscape, or just to utilise dramatic lighting in my figure drawings or strong colour in my animal portraits. Delighting in the spontaneous tendencies of watercolour adds an interesting and distinctive look to my paintings, some of which are purposefully ambiguous, enabling the viewer to use their own interpretation of my artwork. I also love to hide images, and humour within my paintings, whether it’s a secret message, or an erotic couple hidden within a landscape, or even an erotic landscape where the couple are camouflaged as the features of the land itself. I am equally happy painting in oils, acrylics or watercolours and love to draw with pencil or ink. I have also developed the very effective method of drawing using white pencil on black card which creates dramatic pictures by just picking out where the light catches the body and leaving the rest of the image to the imagination, in darkness. I can also utilise many different styles, whether it is realistic, abstract, surrealistic, erotic, fantasy or camouflage art where something is hidden within the painting. I'm just passionate about my art, whatever I paint! But, it doesn't matter how many landscapes or pet portraits I paint, its always the erotic stuff that people are interested in! I started blogging to share some of the strange conversations I have with the people I meet. But its evolved into far more than that now.

Comments (14)

  1. Nolens Volens
    Dec 24, 2008

    When you’re on a roll… 😉 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  2. Spiky Zora Jones
    Dec 24, 2008

    Merry Christamas to you jackie. I love your art worka nd I see I’m not the only one. 😀

    I know the new year will many more wonderful painting from you and new and wonderful experiences to you.

    Ciao sweets.

  3. Indigo
    Dec 26, 2008

    Happy Christmas to you too Jackie.
    I love to give at any time of the year, I some times think it’s better to give than give than receive. I make decorations every Xmas, oranges covered in cloves to infuse the scent of the orange and make a lovely room potpourri.. an unusual gift, but one that is always received with a big smile.

  4. Carnalis
    Dec 26, 2008

    a lovely sentiment jackie, so i shall hope the same for you too x

  5. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 27, 2008

    Nolens Volens – Thankyou, and the same to you!

  6. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 27, 2008

    Spiky – Thankyou, and I’m looking forward to the new year and producing new artwork, which normally seems to bring new experiences with it!

  7. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 27, 2008

    Indigo – Thankyou, and your oranges sound divine, I bet they smell that way too! Mmm…

  8. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 27, 2008

    Carnalis – Thankyou…..

  9. having my cake
    Dec 28, 2008

    A very Prosperous New Year to you x

  10. Loving Annie
    Dec 29, 2008

    Happy upcoming New Year 2009 to you, Jackie !

  11. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 29, 2008

    Having my cake – Thankyou….

  12. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 29, 2008

    Loving Annie – Thankyou!

  13. nitebyrd
    Dec 29, 2008

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas. Those unexpected but so meaningful “gifts” are the BEST!

    Wishing you a peaceful, prosperous New Year, hun!

  14. Jackie Adshead
    Dec 29, 2008

    Nitebyrd – Yes, they are the best.

    And the same to you for a wonderful new year, thankyou!

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