Now we’ve got Christmas out of the way, I thought I’d share with you the letter I’ve had from the chap I drew the other week. He’s happy for me to show his letter here, as well as the drawings I did of him…. Dear Jackie I have knocked out this piece about the sitting […]

Decorating with light

Christmas is hard work….. there’s always a lot to do….. ….but when it’s done, its a magical time….. Decorating the house with light and colour, the kitchen filled with tantalising aromas, interesting packages to give and receive in return. But sometimes the gifts aren’t the ones you’re expecting. I’ve received three gifts this week which […]

Dear Jackie….

I’ve had a letter from the elderly chap I drew last week saying how much he and his wife love the drawings, and thanking me. He was nervous before he met me but said that his misgivings were entirely misplaced, as my confidence, good humour, talent and friendliness assuaged all his fears! He said that […]

Good etiquette

Its an odd profession, being an Erotic Artist. I recognise it as being odd. This week for example, a man I’d never met before came to my house, and within an hour of walking through the door, he’s stark naked. That’s got to be odd, hasn’t it? He also announced, before he got naked, that […]