London here I come

Right, my blogging’s been quiet recently because I’ve not had chance to do it along with everything else on my plate at the moment! Not that things are going to lessen in the near future either……… After a lot of consideration regarding the Fantasy Fanny “Queynte” paintings, and the best place to hang them, I’ve […]

The right place

Well, guess what! After a very busy few days making phone calls, and talking to various people – I think I’ve found the IDEAL place to exhibit my Queynte paintings. Not only is it the ideal venue, it is also has the right timing, in that it will be SOON……………. I can’t tell you any […]

The art speaks for itself

It’s stuck me recently the huge effect these “Fantasy Fannies” have had on people – especially women. And the difference between them and anything else I’ve painted EVER before. I’ve painted loads of things in my life – and hope I continue to do so – and I’ve had some wonderfully positive reactions to things […]

What a reaction

I met a young woman last night through an acquaintance. It was the first time we’d met, and neither of us knew the other existed before we laid eyes on each other. We were introduced, and the conversation turned to generalities, as it does. I said a jokey throw away comment about male models, and […]