Warm and welcome kisses

Last weekend, whilst attending a local art exhibition, I was introduced to a woman who’s face seemed vaguely familiar, in that I’m-sure-I-know-you-but-I-can’t-remember-where-from sort of way. She looked at me in the same way too – and after a bit of chatting about the possibility of me doing a drawing or painting of her very picturesque […]


What does a man see in an erotic image – is it different to what a woman sees? I think it well may be. This week I took some of my latest erotic drawings to a gallery where I’m hoping to get my pictures hung. This gallery features a lot of good quality artwork but […]

Like buses – three come at once!

Nothing happens for ages and then three come at once, and before you ask, no, I’m not talking about a threesome, I’m referring to me being on a roll this week producing artwork! I’ve done three drawings that I’m really happy with and they are the one’s I’m referring to! I’m working on a set […]

Hope springs eternal

I could have spent the weekend drawing, or painting or doing something productive. Well, actually, I thought I was doing something productive since I was helping to steward a local art exhibition that I was exhibiting at. And it rained… No, to be more precise, it pissed it down. So for the two and a […]

Touching class

Well, its looks like I’m on a roll at the moment with my erotic drawings – I’ve done another one I’m happy with! – and again the model is partly dressed to add that frisson of interest. This time in a corset pulling her curves in tight. She is dressing herself in a pearl necklace […]


Do all women go through life without changing, without re-inventing themselves, without evolving? I don’t think so. I think we’re all the time changing depending where we are in life – starting as children and learning, the excitement and angst of teenage years, early adulthood, meeting lovers, falling in love and deciding who we want […]