Back to what I love best

Well……. Christmas is over. I find it an artificial time, for various reasons. But now its gone, I can get back what passes for normality in my life! So….. what would that be then? Oh, yes, I remember! ………. Naked women!! And better still, naked erotic women! So, I’ve done a new drawing. Something that […]

Clear heads

Due to a busy week and other things getting in the way I’ve not been able to do much work on the second dog commission this week and the Christmas deadline’s looming….. And none of this helped by the fact that I’ve had a stinking cold this week and felt like shit!! But, part of […]

Letting go

I’ve had two emails today from recent buyers of my artwork and its poignantly reminded me again of what it’s like to create a piece of artwork – either as a commission or as an exhibition piece – and to sell it to someone. If its a commission I know what I’m painting as the […]

Dog days

Almost finished my Christmas commissions – just one last one to do (unless someone rings me two days before Christmas with a request for a piece of artwork – and that wouldn’t be the first time!). I’m pleased with my little pencil drawing of this female lakeland terrier and really enjoyed doing it (don’t worry, […]