Pussies Galore

I’ve got two pussies to paint today – and both so exquisitely ………. DIFFERENT!!! The first is of a fluffy feline moggy, the sort you’d be happy to have purring contentedly on your lap. The second is most definitely not like that at all, although a lot of people might get it purring after they’d […]

Capturing stray pussies

Further to my posting “Dare to bare – pussy wanted” on 17th August I’m delighted at the response that (so far) six ladies have volunteered to keep their faces (and to an extent, their identities) hidden but their fannies on show – well, technically, its six but the last one has been volunteered by someone […]

The latest model

Who’d want to be an artists model? Certainly, there aren’t that many people who fancy the job. Not many people are happy taking their clothes off for other people. Especially people who are going to look intently at them. Examine them in minute detail. And then after they’ve done that they’re going to put all […]