Scarlet woman

After various conversations this week regarding stockings and suspenders, I thought it might be a nice idea to do an erotic drawing of some! I’m half happy with the image…. for me it needs more dramatic darks in it to give the lost and found edges that I love in a drawing, which make the […]

Feeling colours

Since I’ve stated that the colour I feel within me as a person is gold, I’ve been asking other people this week what colour they “feel” and had some interesting responses. Some people can answer this question within a minute, with certainty and a positive forthright answer. But others I’ve asked just look at me […]

What colour am I?

Before I say what I am….I can say with absolute certainty what colours I am not. I’m not bottle green, anything grey, brown or beige. I’m definitely not magnolia, cream, baby blue, pale pink (or any other shade of pink), lemon yellow or mint green. Infact I’m no pale colour whatsoever. I could never be […]

Painting an essence

As an artist, I’m always trying to capture the essence of the subject rather than just the superficial image infront of me, so it was interesting yesterday to meet a spirit artist and clairvoyant, who talked about the importance of colour in painting the soul. She sees people’s auras and paints those colours in her […]

Sensuous sensuality

It struck me whilst I was painting a picture the other day that I paint far quicker, and with more confidence, and produce exceedingly better results if I paint whilst I’ve got some loud music with a sexy, raucously rocking beat blasting out in the background. It makes a noticeable difference to the quality of […]

Another Horny session

After the great success of the drawing session with hornymaleuk the other week, he’s requested a repeat performance with me. I’m touched and delighted that he wants to meet again. I thoroughly enjoyed our previous time together, and the experience of drawing him, complete with the restrictions of not revealing his public face (and body!). […]