Sensuous sensuality

Published on 17/05/2007

It struck me whilst I was painting a picture the other day that I paint…

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Another Horny session

Published on 15/05/2007

After the great success of the drawing session with hornymaleuk the other week, he’s requested…

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Productive weekend – to Prague and back

Published on 14/05/2007

I’m delighted with the two landscapes I’ve done over the weekend. The first is of…

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Suprise turn

Published on 12/05/2007

Chatting with a friend in the pub last night, he told me again that he…

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How spicy is cinnamon?

Published on 11/05/2007

I had an intriguing email from a newish acquaintance this week, who I know reads…

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I wanna paint how he sounds!

Published on 10/05/2007

I went to see Bryan Adams in concert last night, for the first time, and…

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When Horny met Jackie

Published on 04/05/2007

As I had expected it was very interesting meeting Hornymaleuk and as you would also…

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Vanilla land hiding Spice world

Published on 04/05/2007

I’ve had some very candid and interesting conversations recently with a variety of individuals that…

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Deeper and deeper

Published on 06/04/2007

Had a chat with an artist friend last night who was interested to hear what…

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To hide what already is hidden

Published on 03/04/2007

Further to the last comments regarding drawing hornymaleuk, and considering appropriate poses for the drawing,…

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The difference between men and women

Published on 31/03/2007

I’m currently having very interesting dialogues with hornymaleuk about how I’m going to draw him….

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Humble in the shadow of Greatness

Published on 30/03/2007

Just back from a wonderfully inspiring trip to see the famous art galleries of Florence….

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Man or mouse?

Published on 24/03/2007

I had a nice chat with a newish aquaitance yesterday who has just found out…

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It gets better

Published on 23/03/2007

The positive emails continue to come in regarding my website so I’m still a happy…

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My new social life

Published on 22/03/2007

I’ve been playing with the blog today and updating various things on it to improve…

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