Proudly perusing my paintings in pride of place

Published on 31/01/2017

One of the things that always makes me very happy is to see where my paintings end…

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Energizing the not quites

Published on 24/01/2017

Last week was spent tidying up loose ends, chasing various opportunity ideas and people connected…

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I always feel more motivated to motivate others when the sun shines

Published on 20/01/2017

I’m on the brink of various arty things this week and whilst I can, I’ll…

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Should interior designers bully clients into submission

Published on 18/01/2017

I watched “The Great Interior Design Challenge” on BBC last night – I like most…

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Who will be next with a big smile on their face I’m wondering

Published on 13/01/2017

For the last eight months since last June the artwork jobs have flowed in on…

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Angel with red hair and pagan symbols keeps the comments coming in

Published on 09/01/2017

After writing here in full detail about the “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” painting  last…

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The mystery painting finally unveiled

Published on 04/01/2017

I was first asked to do this particular painting for husband and wife clients about two and a…

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Happy New Year wishes for 2017

Published on 03/01/2017

Happy New Year to you ! I hope it brings you all that you wish…

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