Looking back at 2015 as the year draws to a close

Published on 26/12/2015

Although I have been busy with lots of art this year, looking back, these are…

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The best of Christmas wishes

Published on 23/12/2015

I always find Christmas a slightly difficult time of year. Like a lot of other…

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How to put a big smile on my face

Published on 22/12/2015

The text message pinged in last Tuesday from a friend of mine saying “Hiya, we have…

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Unified energies joyfully awakened

Published on 21/12/2015

As an artist I love to paint various subjects and one of them is the…

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Looking at the world through someone else’s eyes

Published on 14/12/2015

As an artist I am motivated by colour, by beauty in line and light, by…

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Chasing the unicorn

Published on 10/12/2015

Normally when I paint a picture its of one thing like a person, or a landscape, …

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Reaching my peak at Eighteen

Published on 01/12/2015

With not being able to work properly for the last fortnight due to my sprained…

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