Filling the grey with light and laughter

Published on 29/10/2015

With the hour changing last weekend I am reminded at how grey and dank the…

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You don’t think anything’s happening until Indianapolis finds you

Published on 26/10/2015

As an artist I know its important to get my name out so people find me….

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Photographing, and sizing and collating

Published on 19/10/2015

I’ve just realised it’s over a week since I last did a blog post! The…

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Poised and waiting to paint peoples dreams

Published on 07/10/2015

Twice I’ve been asked in the last day if I am working on a special painting…

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In your dreams

Published on 01/10/2015

I know I’ve painted a good picture when I’m texted at 8.30 the morning after I put the…

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