Published on 25/11/2014

Sometimes you just have to accept that no matter what your best efforts are, there…

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Why I like reality TV on my terms

Published on 21/11/2014

Whilst watching one of my favourite programmes the other night, my fella said omminously that…

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At what point do you say its what it is

Published on 19/11/2014

At what point do you say a picture is complete? At the first thought, when…

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The short cuts are the long way round

Published on 14/11/2014

Artists never start at the point at which you meet them. Who ever the artist…

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Seven months in the planning

Published on 11/11/2014

After seven months, he finally arrived on my doorstep. I welcomed him in with a…

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Another exciting painting on the go

Published on 07/11/2014

A week ago it was summer, this week its winter. A shock to the system…

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Worth the wait

Published on 05/11/2014

When he first rang to arrange a life drawing sitting with me we discussed his…

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