The perfect end to a dry patch

Published on 30/09/2014

I heard today that this September has been the driest since records began. I know…

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Here it is, the answer to the meaning to life!

Published on 26/09/2014

After writing in my last blog post about the meaning of life, I’ve had some…

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How to find the secret to the meaning of life

Published on 24/09/2014

Talking to a clever and deep thinking friend at the weekend about many diverse subjects we…

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St Saviours is the missing link

Published on 19/09/2014

Liking to get all commissions done as soon as I can, since I never know…

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Half way and back to another half

Published on 16/09/2014

Whilst I am more than half way through the second of the set of new…

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Published on 10/09/2014

The phone rang yesterday and as I answered it, a womans voice asked  “Ann?” and…

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Time is running out but where was my dream

Published on 09/09/2014

I had planned on painting the second of the new paintings today. There wasn’t going…

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And how did you hear of me

Published on 03/09/2014

It may be only the beginning of September but I’ve got a nice commision to…

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