Shimmering azuredly

Published on 27/06/2014

Since the last blog post about painting two pictures at the art workshop last weekend…

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Shimmering on the edge

Published on 24/06/2014

Well its been a reall arty weekend starting with the workshop I went to on Saturday…

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Down the Dixie line

Published on 20/06/2014

What a lovely day to drive through the lush Leicestershire countryside to deliver three paintings…

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I met a man

Published on 18/06/2014

I met a man at the weekend. Nothing unusual in that, I meet a lot…

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Swarkestone brought to idyllic life

Published on 13/06/2014

I was very fortunate when asked to do my most recent commission because the client simply wanted…

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Watering with colour

Published on 11/06/2014

The last three days have been spent joyously working on the watercolour painting commission. Its…

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Drawing on

Published on 06/06/2014

I’ve had a couple of lovely arty days drawing. Does that sound strange for an…

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Sharing a critical climate

Published on 03/06/2014

Chatting with one of my closest friends a few days ago about she told me…

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