Some scribble and mega price tag

Published on 30/08/2013

Yesterday whilst having a cup of tea with my ex- husband he showed me a…

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Its not what you’d think

Published on 27/08/2013

I’ve been exhibiting at the large Dame Catherine Harpur School exhibition at Ticknall in South Derbyshire…

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Time for tea

Published on 20/08/2013

As I promised in my last blog post I’ll now show you my finished abstract…

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Abstracting concepts

Published on 16/08/2013

The workshop that I attended some months ago was an interesting one for me, in that…

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Spice of life

Published on 14/08/2013

Having the joys of a summer cold over the last couple of days I’ve not…

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A love affair with St Ives

Published on 08/08/2013

I have been in love from the first time I set eyes on it, quite a…

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Pent up energies being loosed on the world

Published on 05/08/2013

Its been a difficult weekend, mostly due to feeling a sense of ineffectualness to help…

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Lily pad loyalties

Published on 02/08/2013

Sometimes its nice to play with light and shade,  exploring shapes and negative shapes, and…

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