Smile and encourage workshop

Published on 28/06/2013

I made sure I turned up at the art workshop with Ticknall Art Group I…

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Unknown quantities and fish breath

Published on 26/06/2013

When you agree to do a workshop for a local art group, most people would…

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No I don’t get it either

Published on 21/06/2013

Its not often I criticise another artists work, but I think on this occasion I’ll…

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Carousels turning rings around me

Published on 17/06/2013

It happened again this month, the same as the last one. And I suppose its…

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Does anyone actually react to advertising ?

Published on 11/06/2013

This morning, some sheets of folded coloured paper were pushed through my letterbox, I picked it…

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Woodsmoke and long flowing locks

Published on 04/06/2013

Well I know a lot more about American Civil War re-enactments in this country than…

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