Set the sat nav for the muck heap

Published on 30/04/2013

I’ve had fun today, jumping into the car and heading off to meet some people…

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Spending the day with a naked woman

Published on 23/04/2013

The day was billed as “figure drawing” which was somewhat ambiguous as far as I…

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How does it affect your home life

Published on 19/04/2013

I was asked a strange question this week by someone I’ve never spoken to before.  We…

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A first from my window cleaner

Published on 16/04/2013

I always find it interesting to see who is into art, and who isn’t, and…

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Awww thanks for the feedback but theres more to find

Published on 12/04/2013

 I’ve had some lovely feedback for the picture I did and showed in the last…

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Contemplating the shadows

Published on 09/04/2013

 I’ve been asked to paint some complicated pictures in my life, but this one without…

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Lucy inn the sky with delight

Published on 08/04/2013

I caught up with my old mate Lucy Felthouse last week for a much awaited…

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A brush with time

Published on 04/04/2013

I love painting, infact I am never happier than when I’m painting. But you can…

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