Car insurance isn’t all its geared up to be

Published on 29/01/2013

My car insurance is due soonish, and because of that I’m getting extra emails from…

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Pass me those nails

Published on 25/01/2013

After listening carefully to the client the other week regarding the tattoo design he wanted,…

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Improvising white light in a box

Published on 22/01/2013

Whilst this deep snow is blanketing the ground I’m getting stuck into my own world of whiteness and how…

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Deliciously deviant dialogue

Published on 18/01/2013

My good friends Fulani and Velvet Tripp at Deliciously Deviant have  invited me to do a…

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Once in a blue moon

Published on 16/01/2013

Well, the view from my window is mostly of the white variety – a winter…

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New moonings and moanings

Published on 11/01/2013

I knew it was a while since I did my last blog post, I just…

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Over the moon

Published on 04/01/2013

I’m really pleased with the way the new picture is going at the moment, the…

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New year full of inspirational moonlight

Published on 02/01/2013

The new year has started well….. The picture that I did for a surprise Christmas…

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