Giggles, wriggles and a hairy interloper

Published on 29/08/2012

I know that actors say “Never work with children and animals” but I never thought…

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Soulful painting in a cup of tea

Published on 22/08/2012

Some people ask awkward questions, they’re brilliant at it. My spiritual healer friend has a knack…

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Don’t bring that in here

Published on 20/08/2012

I’ve just finished the erotic oil painting I’ve been working on this last month or…

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Turn it up and turn it on

Published on 17/08/2012

I knew today would be the day that I would (technically) finish the oil painting…

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How to turn my head

Published on 15/08/2012

Sitting in the sunshine with my fella at the weekend, having my second mug of…

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Through someone else’s eyes

Published on 10/08/2012

For someone who had never picked up a pastel before she did very well. She’d…

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Why ten minutes can be too much

Published on 07/08/2012

When you look at a face what do you see? You notice the eyes, the…

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Blue is the colour but not in that direction

Published on 03/08/2012

The erotic oil painting that I’m currently working on is coming along nicely. I know…

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