Some things just fit nicely

Published on 29/11/2011

I know erotic art isn’t for some people. I know they’d rather have a nice…

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As seen on TV

Published on 25/11/2011

Did anyone watch anything interesting on telly last night? Maybe you sat down with a…

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Fifteen ways to distinguish an Erotic Art Collector

Published on 23/11/2011

In a delightful and most welcome follow up to my last blog post about the ways to…

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Fifteen ways to distinguish an erotic artist from an ordinary one

Published on 22/11/2011

1   When you say you’ve been drawing a pussy, other people just *know* you don’t mean of the feline variety. 2   Its…

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Limited to a large extent but that makes them more valuable

Published on 18/11/2011

I’m really extremely excited that I have just started selling Limited Edition Prints. YAY! It’s…

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Twenty past eleven

Published on 14/11/2011

I’m in the business of giving pleasure. Sensual and uplifting pleasures….. But, it is a…

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Does your grandfather REALLLLY do that

Published on 11/11/2011

I’ve been talking to a couple of experts this week, in subjects very far from…

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Christmas is coming, my paintbrush’s getting fat

Published on 08/11/2011

My mind at the moment is full of Christmas. Well, one specific part of Christmas…

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Never stuck under the bed

Published on 03/11/2011

Not all of being an artist is about painting, well I suppose it is if you…

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The journey back

Published on 01/11/2011

The journey there was buoyant, full of jollity, of hopes, full of promise, and smiles….

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