Patterning Jays

Published on 29/09/2011

I love the relationship of cousins – they’re family without the politics!  So, it was…

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It lives – new breath in the new website!

Published on 26/09/2011

Well after many months in the making, my new website is live. It doesn’t sound a lot,…

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First post on the new WordPress blog

Published on 22/09/2011

Almost there, so close, I can feel it with my stretched out finger tips……. ….the…

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The unique gift of paper, in a very sexy but elegant manner

Published on 21/09/2011

She came to collect her drawing yesterday, as we’d agreed, and to see it for the…

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Saved by a kiss

Published on 19/09/2011

It’s been a week. Of illness and sore throats and feeling like shit. I’ve no idea…

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Art flow overrides blocked head flow

Published on 13/09/2011

I don’t get colds very often…maybe one or two a year, which I suppose is…

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Making an exhibition of myself

Published on 09/09/2011

I made the acquaintance of a new friend the other week, and liked her very…

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When even my laid back sympathetic open mindedness isn’t enough

Published on 06/09/2011

She googled “Artists in Staffordshire” and my name came up. I’m still not quite sure…

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For women everywhere

Published on 02/09/2011

Well, the day of the exhibition set-up arrived full of golden September sunshine and promise!…

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