Chilled to the bone, but warm to the heart

Published on 29/08/2011

It might have been a miserably cold, grey day, but the positive feedback I’ve had…

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Fond fairwells

Published on 26/08/2011

Full of hope, as is the way of my world, that some of my most…

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Why I turned her down

Published on 24/08/2011

A friend asked me yesterday if I was free one night next week. The answer…

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Sh! have shouted loud for me

Published on 17/08/2011

I’m really excited about my forthcoming solo exhibitions at the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporiums, starting with…

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Cleaning up and not being Adam

Published on 15/08/2011

Every so often I invite complete strangers into my house. Its not often, and there…

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Tucked away on page 10

Published on 12/08/2011

I had a bit of a clue in the week that I would be featured…

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Family unit

Published on 09/08/2011

The last week has been a blur of days out with my nephew and his…

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Well cool and lush

Published on 05/08/2011

My sixteen year old nephew has come to stay with me for a few days,…

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Earthy ideals

Published on 02/08/2011

The paraphernalia of old potting sheds is something of a delight to a gardener. The…

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