Not all QUIET in the library

Published on June 30, 2010

Before the exhibition was EVEN set up, it was a success! A success because of a phone…

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All fired up

Published on June 25, 2010

The Burton library exhibition isn’t abandoned totally.  Infact I think I’ll be able to put…

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Somethings got to give

Published on June 23, 2010

Well somethings gotta give and unfortunately its got to be the art. Short term, anyway….

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As if there wasn’t enough happening

Published on June 18, 2010

I’ve got my first solo exhibition coming up in ten days time. So there’s a…

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Enough room to swing a paintbrush

Published on June 16, 2010

Its been a long time since I’ve looked at properties to buy, and over the…

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Dirty little secrets

Published on June 11, 2010

Its always nice when a friend asks if you’re free to meet him in town for…

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Big day

Published on June 10, 2010

Today I can start looking for a house. An Artists house. It's only fair to…

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How COULD it be boring?

Published on June 4, 2010

Artists always say that painting a Summer landscape is boring, compared to the other times…

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Having my cake with the nude boys

Published on June 2, 2010

Eating cake with friends is a nice occupation. But it adds a frisson of amusement…

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