Selling a painting’s a night mare!

Published on 30/04/2010

I’m always looking at ways of selling my paintings. And in a recession, other ways need…

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Recollections of the collection

Published on 27/04/2010

As I had fully expected, the postman arrived today bearing a long letter from Stuart writing…

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Cheeky cards and cheeky boy

Published on 23/04/2010

Stuart arrived grinning and with an armful of fresh flowers for me, more fragrant blooms…

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No, I’m not scared of black!

Published on 19/04/2010

I don’t always choose what I paint. Sometimes it’s chosen for me. I suppose I…

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Thanks for making my life a bit more enjoyable

Published on 14/04/2010

Stuart arrived with flowers for me – Camelias from his garden, the first blooms of…

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Letters sent from the heart

Published on 09/04/2010

As I had expected I had a missive from Stuart this week describing his feelings…

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Stuarts first bum notes

Published on 07/04/2010

Stuart arrived yesterday full of the joys of Spring and ready to start our first…

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Revealing the importance of the craving

Published on 02/04/2010

Its been a while since I drew my male model but we were finally able…

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