Weary but upbeat

Published on November 26, 2009

Well it was hard work, but it was worth it. Worth spending  eight weeks working…

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Its Erotica time……

Published on November 19, 2009

I’m always hyped up before an art exhibition. The thrill of knowing that now is…

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Almost ready and counting

Published on November 14, 2009

I’ve spent the last six weeks working towards it. It’s so close, I can almost…

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From the heart

Published on November 10, 2009

I’ve just been asked by my sister “Do you know ANYBODY  normal? “.  I laughed, and…

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Rose tinted view

Published on November 8, 2009

Some days are really nice arty days, and yesterday was one of them. It started…

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Hit the print button

Published on November 4, 2009

I saw a newish acquaintance last night, and during the course of our conversation asked…

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