And she didn’t even ask me to take my clothes off for her!

Published on 31/10/2009

It was good to meet my new friend the other day, the guy who wants…

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Abstracting the abstract

Published on 28/10/2009

With Erotica coming up in a few weeks time, I wanted to do a painting…

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You are a great read! – 10 things I do every day

Published on 26/10/2009

Nitebyrd, lovely as she always  is, bestowed me with the You Are A Great Read!…

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Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Published on 21/10/2009

Well this is a meeting of international proportions….. 🙂 First we have an English fanny…

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And the sun always shines

Published on 19/10/2009

It seems to be that the sun always shines at the Erotic Guild of Artists…

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Queyntes 18 and 19 seeing double

Published on 13/10/2009

Well following on from my last blog post – it seems I’ve got a great…

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Doubling the living flame with lust

Published on 08/10/2009

At the beginning of this year I painted the “Living Flame” painting for a woman…

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As featured in Jade magazine

Published on 06/10/2009

My “Fantasy Fannies” are featured in a lovely uplifting article about me in Jade magazine…

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Dancing into the light

Published on 03/10/2009

Well………..the de–clogging’s worked so far! 🙂 I had a really nice arty day today attending…

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De clogging

Published on 01/10/2009

I suppose we all get clogged up with life some of the time………………..Sometimes its the…

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