Horsing around

Published on 30/04/2009

Fitzy knew when we agreed the two paintings that I’m currently doing for him that…

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It works!

Published on 25/04/2009

After starting the working painting for Fitzy the other week, and not being entirely happy…

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Playing with abstraction

Published on 21/04/2009

These abstracts are paintings I did at the end of last year but I thought…

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Painting sensual sound

Published on 19/04/2009

Can you paint a sound? I can. I know, because I did it yesterday! I…

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Decision made whilst injured

Published on 16/04/2009

I’ve been working diligently on Fitzys painting, and am delighted that the second working painting…

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How can one little word do SO much damage

Published on 14/04/2009

This is my 222nd blog post! A pretty number, I think………… if you can have…

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Its all in the mind

Published on 11/04/2009

Since Fitzy and I discussed the “living flame” style of picture I’m going to paint…

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Twinkle twinkle………

Published on 08/04/2009

After a busy week last week it was good to go to the pub at…

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Hello, come in, take your clothes off…..

Published on 04/04/2009

It was good to finally meet Fitzy this week after many emails back and forth…

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Stuarts words

Published on 01/04/2009

Having received Stuarts article for the local paper, and spoken to him today, I was…

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