Published on 31/03/2009

I had a chat with Stuart earlier, he wanted me to know that he’s written…

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Northern lights and frozen fingers

Published on 28/03/2009

I feel refreshed. And hopefully, refreshing! 🙂 The reason? The weather, in part, and the…

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Big scary tiger!

Published on 21/03/2009

Sometimes the world doesn’t take you to where you’re expecting to go. I went to…

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Fantasy Willies

Published on 18/03/2009

Well I thought the time would arrive at some point. There was no doubt there….

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Snakes an all

Published on 16/03/2009

It was another lovely sunny Event day for the Guild of Erotic Artists, so when…

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Queynte 15

Published on 12/03/2009

Phew, at last… the unveiling of the next Fantasy Fanny! This is …….Number 15. I…

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Laughing in all the right places

Published on 09/03/2009

I had an assignation with my new friend Stuart today. And I even recognised him…

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Happy second birthday blog

Published on 06/03/2009

I was going to say “Happy second blog birthday”, but I’ve only got one blog,…

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Whose fanny is THAT?

Published on 04/03/2009

Its not often that I talk about actual sales of paintings, I talk about painting…

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Queynte 14

Published on 01/03/2009

Well I’ve been fannying around again this week – up to my elbows in fanny……

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