Living Flame

Published on 29/01/2009

Ok, so no one was interested in the art auction! 🙂 Well it was still…

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Erotic Art Auction

Published on 21/01/2009

Right – now on to the Art Auction I promised you the other day. We’ll…

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Guild Event day auction

Published on 19/01/2009

Its a while since I’ve been to a Erotic Guild of Artists Event day, so…

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Scaring teacher

Published on 17/01/2009

It’s been a while since I went to an art workshop, but, I think, important…

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You call THIS work?

Published on 16/01/2009

I had a business meeting the other night, but because it was with erotic writer…

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Published on 14/01/2009

My friend Stuart has sent me a beautiful letter this week telling me ….. “I…

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Erotic art auction coming up

Published on 11/01/2009

Next week I’m entering ten drawings into an Erotic Art Auction through the Guild of…

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Relishing new beginnings

Published on 07/01/2009

My new friend Stuart rang me the other day to say that later on in…

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Bringing in the new year the right way!

Published on 02/01/2009

Well, first post of the new year, and I can certainly say that I brought…

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