Seeing red

Published on 30/04/2008

Last week when I saw my usual model I had a basic idea for a…

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Pretentious twaddle

Published on 23/04/2008

I’m going to say something and I’ll try hard really really hard not to use…

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A gathering of eroticness

Published on 21/04/2008

Since I joined the Guild of Erotic Artists in October last year I’ve not had…

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Published on 18/04/2008

I did an erotic drawing this week, and I’m half happy with it. I’m not…

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Filling the wall

Published on 15/04/2008

I’ve spent the last few days updating and twiddling with my website and am delighted…

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If I’m not mistaken

Published on 11/04/2008

Do you wanna hear a funny story? Well it certainly amused me greatly ……….I’ll share…

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Tree of life

Published on 08/04/2008

Well, you’ve all been very patient, and now comes the time of the big unveiling!…

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East to West

Published on 04/04/2008

I’ve not blogged recently because I’ve been away – on holiday – to Japan and…

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