Reviewing, reflecting and renewal

Published on December 31, 2007

Well…… it’s been a very busy year! Lots of challenges, lots achieved, lots of artwork…

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Back to what I love best

Published on December 27, 2007

Well……. Christmas is over. I find it an artificial time, for various reasons. But now…

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Clear heads

Published on December 19, 2007

Due to a busy week and other things getting in the way I’ve not been…

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Letting go

Published on December 13, 2007

I’ve had two emails today from recent buyers of my artwork and its poignantly reminded…

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Dog days

Published on December 7, 2007

Almost finished my Christmas commissions – just one last one to do (unless someone rings…

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Pleasing yourself

Published on December 5, 2007

I did another drawing last night based on the pose I used last week, but…

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