Pleasing people

Published on 29/11/2007

Last week when I did my talk for the WI, I wasn’t sure of their…

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Filling a void

Published on 28/11/2007

I haven’t done any erotic drawing for weeks, for various reasons, but last night did…

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Show time!!

Published on 24/11/2007

I had a nice day out yesterday. I went to London. Its years since I…

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Strange forays

Published on 22/11/2007

Last night I did something very strange. I quite often do strange things, by various…

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Rising prices

Published on 20/11/2007

I went out for dinner to a friends house the other night. Its a house…

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Yep, I’m EROTIC!!

Published on 14/11/2007

Incase you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet in blog land this last week (and maybe…

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I know my place

Published on 06/11/2007

I know who I am. I know what I do. I’ve been building up my…

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Attraction of spirits

Published on 02/11/2007

Well so far its been a very good year for meeting some absolutely fascinating and…

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