Why I don’t watch much telly

Published on 31/10/2007

I saw my hairdresser earlier today, we had the usual chat about what we’d both…

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Autumn colours

Published on 30/10/2007

The other week Indigo mentioned that she was interested in having a tee shirt with…

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Reaching out

Published on 26/10/2007

This week, I’ve had the initial design ok’d by dj kirkby for her erotic landscape,…

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Work in progress

Published on 23/10/2007

I’m making progress with my two erotic landscape paintings, after what seems an interminable age…

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Being wicked

Published on 19/10/2007

I’ve spent all this week thinking. Nothing wrong in that. I do it a lot!…

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Inspiring others

Published on 16/10/2007

Just in my short blogging life I’ve seen the birth of a few blogs. Its…

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Vision versus Passion

Published on 13/10/2007

I’ve been fortunate to see two shows within the last few days – both ones…

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Making landscapes erotic

Published on 12/10/2007

I’ve been busy this week with many things on various levels, but I’ve also been…

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The pull of art

Published on 09/10/2007

Like the other bloggers, I was touched that Cherrie and Hardin could find time to…

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People watching

Published on 05/10/2007

When I’m out and about I tend to look at people with an artists eye…

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Hiding naughtiness

Published on 01/10/2007

I’ve always loved clever paintings, the sort where something is hidden within the image and…

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