Money money money

Published on 31/08/2007

I’m a happy bunny today – I’ve just been told a local gallery has sold…

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Whats new?

Published on 29/08/2007

I’m still thinking about what I want to do regarding promoting myself and the offer…

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Sliding Doors

Published on 25/08/2007

Last night I was propositioned. Nothing unusual in that. It happens occasionally….. enough to make…

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Choosing the chosen few

Published on 24/08/2007

I’ve taken the chosen few….. well ……..ten…. paintings to the exhibition. The best of the…

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Its in the blood

Published on 21/08/2007

People often ask me how long I’ve been an artist and are usually surprised when…

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Dare to bare – Pussy wanted

Published on 17/08/2007

Every so often I get an offer I can’t resist. The latest one has come…

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Split second decisions

Published on 13/08/2007

Having spent the last two weekends gallery sitting I’ve had time to sit and surreptitiously…

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Holding the dream

Published on 10/08/2007

I’m always busy with art, but never too busy that the prospect of a new…

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A womanly challenge – Accepted!

Published on 08/08/2007

Indigo wrote a very evocative poem on her blog recently about a mistress/slave relationship and…

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Horny work

Published on 03/08/2007

Another drawing session with hornymaleuk and this time I put him through his paces –…

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What’s in an image?

Published on 01/08/2007

Ever since I started this blog, some months ago, I knew I wanted an image…

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