Tango til you drop

Published on 31/07/2007

I’ve done two more tango paintings this week to add to my collection. The first…

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Plumbing jobs

Published on 30/07/2007

I’ve just had the plumber around for a small but annoying plumbing job, he made…

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Jam and naked women

Published on 27/07/2007

Why is it that I’ve been painting for years, have had a website for over…

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Getting tied up

Published on 25/07/2007

The nice thing about bondage, as far as an erotic artist is concerned, is that…

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Sex in public

Published on 21/07/2007

A few years ago on a visit to Argentina I went to see a tango…

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Words that turn me on….

Published on 20/07/2007

………”The Arts Festival thanks you for your submissions to the Open Art Competition and Exhibition…

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Giving people what they want

Published on 17/07/2007

Chatting with a male friend the other day, he made the comment that everything I…

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Published on 15/07/2007

I spent all morning yesterday sorting out three paintings to enter into a local art…

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Promotion promotion promotion

Published on 12/07/2007

Discussing with a local pub landlord last night about my being part of a forth-coming…

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Sex on legs

Published on 09/07/2007

The minute I saw the photo of Cherrie half-naked, draped in her pink and purple…

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Black feathers

Published on 04/07/2007

Whilst thinking of ideas for ways of doing the sexy picture of Cherrie cavorting in…

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Is it exciting?

Published on 02/07/2007

………….Well is it? Waiting to have your picture painted. Knowing the artist is going to…

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