Three of a kind

Published on 30/06/2007

I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series of drawings based…

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Getting turned on to drawing

Published on 25/06/2007

The recent comments by Honoranddesire and Hornmaleuk have made me consider what people suspect happens…

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Drawing hornymaleuk again

Published on 20/06/2007

Before meeting up with hornymaleuk again to draw him with my female model, I only…

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Sex in the landscape

Published on 19/06/2007

While I’m spending time thinking about the poses I’m going to use for Hornymaleuk and…

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Are you sure you’re erotic?

Published on 17/06/2007

“What sort of artist, are you?” asked the landscape painter. I paused. I always pause….

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Hot and steamy with half naked men

Published on 13/06/2007

Well…. I suppose you could call it work, since that was the purpose of the…

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I’ve not forgotten…..

Published on 12/06/2007

……..but its been difficult to arrange the logistics of getting three people together. So finally…

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Under the microscope

Published on 07/06/2007

I’ve noticed recently how many people don’t make eye contact when they pass in the…

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